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Let the notes and rhythms take you on an adventurous journey into reading music!  Animation, songs, and hands-on “practices” provide an exciting approach to learning pitches and rhythms. We all learn best with a combination of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic tools, (sprinkled with a bit of humor and games) – which is exactly what the Which Pitch is Which? and You’ve Got Rhythm! series are about.

Enjoy the journey!

You’ve Got Rhythm! Materials

You’ve Got Rhythm! Parts 1 and 2 are available for download TODAY!

Designed as an interactive program for use on either a PC or a Mac (not for phones or tablets)

Part 1 Download

  • Beat
  • Note Names
  • Rhythm (with Fruit helping out!)
  • Fruit to Note transformations
  • Note Lengths


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Part 2 Download

  • Rhythmic Addition
  • Time Signatures
  • Who gets the beat?
  • Counting


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Part 3 Download

  • Triplets
  • Dotted Rhythms
  • Ties
  • Compound meters

(coming in 2018)

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You’ve Got Rhythm! Reading Companion

The Rhythm Reader can be purchased directly from several recommended sellers.

  • A tool for students to gain practical experience in reading simple to complex rhythms
  • Formatted as 4 parts that may be played singly or together


Which Pitch is Which? Materials

 Which Pitch is Which? materials can be purchased directly from several recommended sellers.

Which Pitch is Which? with interactive CD-ROM

  • Songs and animation for treble and bass clef pitches
  • Practices for identifying pitches
  • Flash cards for treble and bass clefs
  • Correlating written pitches with harp strings and piano keys


Which Pitch is Which?
Reading Companion 

  • A Reading Primer for treble and bass clefs
  • Includes Cd’s for all 80 duets
  • Teaches keeping the pulse as the first priority
  • Introduces chamber music at the earliest reading level